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Who we are

Since 1989, R.I.C.H. Inc. has served its refractory clients as a specialist in the field. Our centrally located, east-coast home office allows us the opportunity and availability to provide competitive services and products to multiple facilities within the tri-state area and beyond.

Top Quality Results – From Start to Finish

With over thirty years experience, R.I.C.H. Inc. specializes in all refractory related applications. From original design and engineering to installation and construction of ground-up applications, we have a long history of handling jobs in both regularly scheduled maintenance and emergency situations, specifically for smelting furnaces or coal and wood-fired boilers. Our goal has always been to satisfy and exceed customer expectations.

Refractories Division

Our refractories division consists of a qualified crew of masons and tenders with numerous years of experience in the field. We are strongly dedicated to employing the most qualified personnel, and to using top quality materials from the field’s most trusted vendors.


For your installation and fabrication needs, we employ a certified staff of welders and fitters to comply with today’s standards, because we understand that the customer’s needs do not always require refractory work alone. In most cases there is a considerable amount of steel work to be completed during the same time refractory work is being done. That being the case, R.I.C.H., Inc. is equipped to be your single service facility for all of your refractory and steel related needs.

Ceramics Division

The ceramics division is a new line of products and service for R.I.C.H., Inc.. Your main contact for all of your ceramic related needs is John Fulton, who has over 38 years of experience, formally of PENMO Fire Brick located in Harrisburg, PA. Please visit our Ceramics page to see many of the products we offer, excellent pricing, and examples of the services we can provide. If you have questions, email or call us and talk to John.


R.I.C.H., Inc. is the number one headquarters for all your industrial needs, whether you need refractory, installation, construction, or ceramics. As one of the best in the field in sales, service, and customer satisfaction, our goal is to always provide every customer top quality results,  from start to finish.