Originally founded in 1989, upon a refractory-related background, R.I.C.H. Inc. has maintained its primary goal of being a refractory service provider. Although the company has branched out into other venues, we continue to be an industry leader in sales, service, and customer satisfaction in the refractory field.

R.I.C.H. Inc. employs a highly qualified staff of masons with years of experience in the refractory field. Due to the quality of service our customers have come to expect from us, along with the high standards we set for ourselves, R.I.C.H. Inc. continues to bring only the best qualified individuals in the field on board.

With past, present, and future work with companies such as Exide Technologies, East Penn Manufacturing, aka, Deka Batteries, and Hershey Medical Center it’s easy to understand how R.I.C.H. Inc. became and remains an industry leader in the refractories service field. Specializing in heavy metal melting furnaces, such as reverbs or smelters, we are resolved that no job is too large or too small to be tackled.